Friday, 8 April 2011

In The Beginning..........

Hello people, my name is Natalie Hayes and I am going to give this whole social networking thing ago.
I am a jeweller who graduated about four years ago and so far has failed to pull her finger out and really have a good go, this is mostly because I cannot make up my mind about what to make and I flit from idea to idea.

I thought I would start at the beginning and post some pictures of my degree work, here goes..........

For my final project I created a few objects to help various Fairy Tale characters in their plight, the work was titled :
 'Objects of Immediate Usefulness in the Context of Surprising Circumstances'

This piece is a bread bin necklace, inside there are little silver loaf earrings to help Hansel & Gretel find their way home.

Just incase the loaf earrings failed I also created a map that winds up into a twig, just for that extra little help - our fairy Tale friends don't have it easy!

Here we have a lovely set of silver spoons to assist Goldilocks, the heads to the spoons unscrew and the handles join together to make one long spoon, easy for reaching through windows - thus ensuring no distractions!

And finally I created a pocket mirror for the Wicked Step Mother of Snow White. It seemed to me that she just suffered from low self-esteem and that maybe just a quick little mantra would help avoid that whole bloody incident with apples. 

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