Tuesday, 16 August 2011

You And.....

Today I have been in my workshop creating a series of rings that I have had in my mind for a while, they are called 'You And....'. 
There is one more to finish but I thought I would take some rough pictures of the others in the mean time. The top ring says 'you and me and tea', the bottom one says 'you and me we sailed the sea'.

Taking pictures of these for the website will be difficult because at no point can you see all of the text. I'm a little worried that no one will like them because i'm not sure the images I take will do them justice. This is the problem with using text in your work (which i love to do), you have to get really close which sometimes ruins the over all image and makes it lose context. I've had the same issue with my card and silver brooch designs.

Ah well, what am I to do huh? :)

Monday, 15 August 2011

It's Not A Bicycle, It's A Life Style

This is my beautiful bicycle that I brought last month, I've wanted one for years and so finally decided to treat myself. I brought it from www.dutchie.co.uk/. I decided to go for the three speed version but to be honest it wasn't needed. Worthing is relatively flat and yet the bike is so heavy that I have never been above first gear.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Cards Of Colourful Joy

  I have been a very busy bee recently and have been adding to my card designs. I always wanted to adapt my line drawing cards into something colourful and so a few weeks ago I down loaded a free trial of Adobe Illustrator and I have been teaching myself the software. It's been frustrating at times but I think they look good. I sent them off this morning to the printers and I'm very nervous about the results.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Helen Sarah Vaughan

Trees and what notLast weekend my friend helen of http://helensarahvaughan.blogspot.com/ moved back up north, I am very sad to see her go. We got to know each other over the last 7 months and she is such a warm and lovely person and has been such a source of reassurance to me (I am constantly feeling lost when it comes to my own designs). I will really miss our chats over tea and cake in all the various tea rooms we encountered together.

She is a fellow jeweller and creates lovely pieces using reclaimed material. She is also working on her website http://www.treesandwhatnot.co.uk/.

Helen, I'm really going to miss you