Thursday, 20 December 2012

Rainy Rain Rain

So all day yesterday it rained. I believe that all day today, it will also rain. Lucky for me I'm giving myself a duvet day. It's almost eleven and I have only just had breakfast and I have no intention of leaving the warmth of my house. These pictures are taken from the dry safety of my bedroom.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Gifts I've Been Making For Christmas

Wow, it's been far to long since I wrote on this thing. I am proud to say however, it is not due to laziness. It's due to busyness. Or to be precise, business. My jewellery has been live on Not On The High Street for 8 weeks now and I am very grateful for the orders I have received since them. It has given me such a confidence boost to know that people desire my ideas.

So yeah, the last 8 weeks have been great, they've been slow, but great. Not that I could have handle loads of orders and so the one a week that I received was perfect. Foolishly I have been making to order, rather than having stock, which is a undesirable lesson that I soon learnt and I have now shut my shop for a week in the hopes of creating a little pile of jewellery that I can just send out as soon as I need to. But it is Christmas next week... so who knows.

It's not all orders that I have been creating. I have also designed a necklace for my best friend Kimberley Joy Howley's Birthday. I sent it today (she lives in Yorkshire) and I don't think she reads this blog so it's probably safe to post an image, here goes.....

I have also been making a pendent for Christmas for her baby girl, Elsie. (This is the same baby I created the naming ceremony invitations for the-new-arrival.html ).
Again, I'm hoping Kimberley does not go on this blog.