Monday, 28 January 2013

Unusual Find

I had a few errands to do today. I had a couple of unwanted dresses to return and I needed to post a pair of earrings bought by someone in Australia... yes you heard right--Australia!  (pretty fantastic to know that someone on the other side of the globe will be wearing something that I designed.)

I also had a couple of things to drop off at a charity shop, and this was when the even more fantastic thing happened. I like to poke around charity shops, a joy only discovered in the last few years. Anyway, I tend to be on the look out for a new skirt or a cute teacup. What I do not believe is that I will come across something as cool as what is pictured below.

Now, I'm pretty sure it's broken (it doesn't seem able to weigh anything that's only a couple of grams) but it was just to interesting to leave on the charity shop shelf.
I'm trying to figure out how old it is. The retro design fits something pre 80's but then I'm no expert. The brand is a company called OHAUS which I believe is German and has been around for over 100 years so here's hoping--got to love the retro!

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